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Golden Eagle
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Monday, May 19, 2014

Semi Retirement - After 19 years...No More Shows!

After more than 19 years of doing shows I have finally decided it's time to take life easy. Al & I are getting too old to do all that work....3 hours setting up, 8-12 hour days, 3 hours breaking down. Then of course there is the heavy lifting.

Now, instead of traveling to shows we will be traveling for the pleasure & filling our bucket.

This semi retirement ONLY means no more shows. The business will continue as it has without any changes.

I am hoping to get back into doing some art now that my hand (after MANY surgeries) is finally healed. I am also finishing a major revision of my Pyrography 101 book. I'm excited about it because it's going to be a nice improvement on an already great book.

I'm hoping that perhaps I can actually attend some shows as a visitor & maybe even find time to take a class instead of working or teaching as I have for over 19 years.

Perhaps I'll meet up with some of you down the road. I hope you will check out my personal blog & see where we are heading. Let me know if you are nearby & we can have a glass of wine!