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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Pyrography Magazine Special Edition #4 (2014)

This brand new issue is due out in the next 2 weeks. I have received 1 copy & gone through it.
Pyrography Magazine 2014

This issue contains 19 different projects on gourds, wood, bone, paper, etc. It also contains a very basic project on pyro carving on a gourd & beautiful wearable jewelry.

There are several other articles such as getting ready to burn, safety & keeping your tips clean & top 10 beginners pyrography tools. Much of this information is readily available in the Pyrography 101 tutorials & pyrography tools reviews on my website.

NOTE: This is another good issue but I think some of the information should be confirmed to be on the safe side from the manufacturer of the products being recommended (such as burning through inks). Contacting manufacturers & getting MSDS sheets is always the safe way to ensure what you are doing will not put you or anyone in your home at risk. Do not rely on the recommendations of anyone other than an "expert" in the field such as the manufacturer of the products being recommended. It is always best to err on the side of caution than to put your health at risk.

You will be able to order it from my website. Click on this link to buy a copy of it. It will ship as soon as it arrives.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Comments Moved From The Old Blog

Nedra, Wow this is great! I can’t wait to have the time to go all the way thru it. You are now in my favorites.
Kate Franchimon

Hi Pam, I do suggest you join my PyrographicArt group on Yahoo. There is a link on the right side of the blog’s page. It is a great place to meet other pyrographers, post your art work and get critiques. You will find pyrography mixed in at many woodcarving shows but it’s still growing and not all woodcarving shows have anyone in their groups who do pyrography. It’s grown since I started. Back when I started there were very few teachers or instructional books and those who did teach just taught basic line drawing and some teachers who could teach beginner skills but not much else. Now there are lots of instructors and lots of books. Amazing how much has changed since I started. So, don’t give up. Who knows you might find some local friends on the yahoo group. You might even find a carving group in your area that you didn't know about.
Nedra Denison

Hi Nedra, I am mostly working on general pyrography, but I would love to try gourds too. I just completed a logo and have come up with a name for my shop. I know I’m jumping the gun a bit, but I’m having fun and I have high hopes. I need tips on technique. I’m doing a lot of reading, but it would be nice to have a real person to critique what I’m doing and how I can improve. There are no pyrogrophers in my area that I know of. I’ve seen carvers at art shows, but I have never seen any pyrography, yet.
Pamela Bullock

Congratulations on working through the many obstacles and getting to this point where you can experience the rewards of accomplishment.
I, among others look forward to all that you have worked so hard to share with us.
If your blog is anything like your customer service, it will be a huge success.
Don Sharp

Hi Pam, I’m excited too. I really resisted doing one every time Tina suggested it but I’m glad I finally gave in. I was suffering from information overload learning how to deal with the new website and wasn’t sure my poor old brain could handle much more. I’m sincerely hoping that between my website and this blog I can help.
Are you interested more in gourds or pyrography and what aspect do you need help in?
Nedra Denison

I’m excited about your blog. Being a “newie” at this art form, I need all the help I can get.
Your website, “SawdustConnection” is the best on the Internet. The information you have posted has been so helpful. It’s so nice to have a place where I can find the help I need as well as quality products.
Pamela Bullock

Hi Nedra, congratulations on the first post on your new blog. I know you will do well with it.
Tina Clark

Blog Updates

If you have been following my blog since I started the first one a few years ago you might notice that I've been doing more prolific now that I have moved it.

I have been more active for a variety of reasons & the main one is that once I figured out how to use it (still learning all that it can do) I like it better.

While WordPress is a bit more sophisticated it is also a lot more work with all the plugin's, themes, updates, etc.

So, now since I don't have to worry about all that nonsense I can just have some fun.

In between work, trying to get our house in order to sell & traveling I am actually going to try to do some art. With that being said I will also try to do another tutorial as time seems like there is never enough time but we shall see.

Thanks for sticking with me & I do hope that if you stop in that you will let me know how you like things around here.

Clearance Center News & Other Stuff!

We are back in New Mexico & will be here until the beginning of October. We are hoping to head back to Texas on the 3rd or 4th. 

Our house in New Mexico is on the market & we are hoping one of these days we can find a buyer. Until then we stop back here between trips checking on it & our friends are taking care of it while we are in Texas or on the road.

In the meantime we are cleaning out more stuff from the house & trying to sell some of the furniture.

Since we are no longer doing shows I trying to downsize some of our inventory that we kept on hand for shows. Many of these items I will still carry on the
website but they will drop ship directly from the factory so I don't have to carry it around in our motorhome. Some items, like the paints & glues are being discontinued all together & they are now in the Clearance Center.

Some of the items that are in the Clearance Center have been reduced even further as of today (9/7). There are some items that I have decided to donate to the Craft Room in our community for classes or anyone who wants to work on their own crafts. 

So, any of the following items that I still have in stock as of close of business on 9/20/14 will be removed from the website & donated to the Craft Room.
Perfect Pigment collections

If you are on my mailing list you already got my email message about this but if you aren't on my mailing list then here is the list of what is going:

Lumiere & Neopaque paint in the jars

All the USArtquest glues (Duo & Perfect Paper Adhesive)
Glue Smith CA kit & glue
Perfect Pigment Paint Collections
Micacolor Paint
Ranger Ink Sets
Lumiere Paint

The last 3 items I might hang onto until the end of the year but it will depend on what I have left at the time.

Many of these items are now listed at wholesale price so they will not go any lower. 

If any of these are of interested to you don't wait until they are gone. If you know anyone who might be interested let them know about it. If you teach, this is a great opportunity to get these at these low prices.

These photos are just a sampling of some of the items in the Clearance Center that will be removed from the site either when they are sold out or on 9/21.

You can find them all at the Clearance Center