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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Specials on Pearl Ex in Larger Jars

I made an oops & ordered 4 Pearl Ex colors in the larger size jars by mistake. These are very popular colors but I don't typically stock the big jars.
Pearl Ex Large Jars

Soooo, I am offering them at reduced prices. There are only 3 of each of the colors available in stock so if you like these colors now is your chance to get a large jar for only $1.10 more than the small jars.

You can find them on the regular Pearl Ex Page. I still also have some discontinued large jars left in the Clearance Center.

If you love Pearl Ex here's a chance to get larger sizes in some of the most popular colors.

The regular price for this size is $6.00

The regular colors are being sold for $4.00:
    Sparkle Gold
    Bright Yellow
    Emerald (this is one of the new colors)

The Clearance Center colors are being sold for $2.50:
    #647 Sky Blue - ONLY 1 LEFT
    #691 Solar Gold - ONLY 1 LEFT
    #656 Brilliant Gold - ONLY 4 LEFT
    #657 Sparkle Gold - ONLY 1 LEFT (yes, this is the same as above but has been in the Clearance Center from a previous order that I made an oooboo!
    #692 Duo Green/Purple - ONLY 1 LEFT

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Pyrography Magazine Edition 4 (2014) has arrived

The magazine has arrived. I am now shipping all the pre-release orders.

I have plenty of stock so don't worry, you won't miss your copy of it.

Like the previous 3 editions this magazine is jam packed with projects that will appeal to almost everyone. There's lots of wonderful information but you need to be sure that the information is accurate before jumping in & burning on something.

I do urge everyone to be sure to check with "experts in the field" when it comes to what is safe to burn on or through & not rely on what you might read in articles. It's best to contact manufacturers & ask for MSDS sheets. If they don't have them ask them if it is safe to burn on this material or medium.

I have heard too many horror stories of instructors (heard it with my own ears) telling students it's safe to burn on or through things such as plastic, glue, etc. After calling manufacturers I learned that many of these things are not safe when exposed to the heat of a pyrography tool. As they told me, it's safe when used as they were designed to be used.

Click here to order your copy of the new edition of Pyrography Magazine

So, be safe & Happy Burning!