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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Specials on Pearl Ex in Larger Jars

I made an oops & ordered 4 Pearl Ex colors in the larger size jars by mistake. These are very popular colors but I don't typically stock the big jars.
Pearl Ex Large Jars

Soooo, I am offering them at reduced prices. There are only 3 of each of the colors available in stock so if you like these colors now is your chance to get a large jar for only $1.10 more than the small jars.

You can find them on the regular Pearl Ex Page. I still also have some discontinued large jars left in the Clearance Center.

If you love Pearl Ex here's a chance to get larger sizes in some of the most popular colors.

The regular price for this size is $6.00

The regular colors are being sold for $4.00:
    Sparkle Gold
    Bright Yellow
    Emerald (this is one of the new colors)

The Clearance Center colors are being sold for $2.50:
    #647 Sky Blue - ONLY 1 LEFT
    #691 Solar Gold - ONLY 1 LEFT
    #656 Brilliant Gold - ONLY 4 LEFT
    #657 Sparkle Gold - ONLY 1 LEFT (yes, this is the same as above but has been in the Clearance Center from a previous order that I made an oooboo!
    #692 Duo Green/Purple - ONLY 1 LEFT

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