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Monday, January 5, 2015

Fine Liner Fiber Applicators

I just received notice that my order of the Fine Liner Fiber Applicators has finally
Fine Liner Fiber Applicator

My distributor has been out of stock for a bit but the shipment is on it's way & is due here on 1/12/15.
Using it on a gourd

For those of you who love the other great applicators we carry & haven't tried these you will really love these. Like the Microbrush & Taklon brushes you can wash these with soap & water & re-use them. The nice part of these is that you don't have to worry about breaking any of the bristles or having them lose their shape because the brush is actually a polyester fiber.

The photo on the left was done on a gourd using Memories dye inks. These will work with most mediums including inks, acrylic & oil paint & even the heat-activated stamp & stick glue for precision lines.

When changing colors I keep a box of baby wipes (non-alcoholic) & wipe the applicator to remove the excess ink or paint. I can use other colors & when I'm finished for the day I wash it gently with mild soap & water & allow to dry.

If you haven't tried these yet you really will love them!

Update: These are now back in stock!

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