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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Happy New Year To All Of You

Well, this is the start of a new year & I hope all of you have had a wonderful Christmas & New Years. I hope that 2015 brings everyone happiness, good health & prosperity.
Happy New Year!

This was our first year back in Texas for the holidays. I had no idea what to expect in terms of managing the holiday sales working from our RV & coach house. Typically Christmas is busy but having a real house with all my inventory in one place & a shipping center in the garage it's usually very manageable & organized. Working out of our motorhome & our little coach house was certainly going to make it challenging but it didn't seem to slow me down...too much!

My inventory, shipping boxes & supplies are spread out in the motorhome, car & in the coach house. My office is in the coach house so it really kept me hopping. Al was wonderful driving over to the shipping center every day dropping off all the boxes. In some cases when we had express shipments he also had to drive to FedEx but he didn't complain. To say that I was exhausted by Christmas eve is putting it mildly. Besides having more hurdles to jump just to get orders out, we were shipping more orders than ever before so things really got exciting around here!

Every Christmas I always tell Razertip that it amazes me that there are still people left in the world that don't have a woodburner yet & they say the same thing. This year was different because it was the best year Razertip & I have ever experienced just in Razertip sales. They have been around over 25 years & I have been selling Razertip for over 12 years & we both have never experienced as many Razertip burners flying out the door as this year between November & December than any other year since we have both been in business. It was an amazing holiday season trying to keep up with the orders. Because I didn't have the room to store as many burners this year due to lack of storage space. So, starting the end of October I was getting shipments from Razertip every week so I could keep ahead of the orders. I did finally run out of single output burners the day before Christmas but thank god another shipment arrived on Monday so all those people who didn't get one for Christmas wouldn't have to wait more than an extra day to get one. Even after Christmas I was getting calls to ship some Express mail.

It really is mind boggling how the interest in Pyrography just keeps growing but I am surely not going to complain. I'm thrilled that so many people are interested in learning Pyrography all around the globe. Although I don't ship Razertip outside of the USA Razertip does drop ship for me if there is no dealer in a particular country & it amazes me the places I get orders from. Some of which I have to look up on Google just to find out where it is. 

it's obvious to all of us that Pyrography & Razertip tools are very popular.

Razertip took a week off to rest & recuperate from working long days & lots of over time & I took a few days off & now we are all ready to start off the new year rested & ready to go.

So, I want to thank all of you for making this Holiday season the best ever!


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