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Golden Eagle
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Saturday, February 14, 2015

New Applicator & Brush Sampler Packs

I have been selling Microbrush Sampler Packs for many years but after many
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requests I started putting together other sampler packs.

During busy times of the year or when there is a refund due for excess shipping & handling that was small I included a gift worth what the refund would have been or more. When the order was for paint, dyes, etc I started including an applicator sampler pack. Several people commented on what a nice idea that was & suggested I make them available for purchase.

So, I have put together the basic Sampler Pack & then added another one that includes some additional brushes & the Fine Line Fiber Applicator.

These are now available on my website on the Applicator & Brushes page. These packs contain some of the most popular applicators & brushes I personally use & sell. Included are detail brushes that are great for very fine detail work.