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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Trung Nghia's Passion

Two years ago a lady from Florida wanted to buy a burner & some other items
for her brother in Vietnam. I arranged to have a Razertip burner shipped to her & she sent it to him but I had no idea what type of art he was doing.

Last week I got an email from her wanting to order 2 more burners. Now I was really getting curious but moments later I got another email from her with photos of his work along with a video & his portfolio explaining his passion. I was amazed & wanted to share it.

The young man's name is Trung Nghia & I hope you enjoy seeing his work as much as I do. 

He uses fire, smoke, gunpowder & a Razertip burner to create his magnificent art work. His work is unique & passionate & what is more is that he is using the very mediums that cause destruction to give back to the world in the beauty & passion of his work.

I am attaching his You Tube video here so you can see how he creates his work. There is no narration but you will see his passion & his reason for his passion & how it so reflected so much in his work. He is a very talented young man who has transferred his passion to his "canvas" with each masterpiece he creates.

If you are interested in Contact Trung Nghia you can him directly (he is NOT fluent in English) or his sister who lives in the Unites States:
Trung Nghia Nguyen
Kim Huynh 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Pyrography-Gourd-Art Group is now on Facebook

The Pyrography Gourd Art group that I started on Yahoo back in 2003 has grown to over 900 members. It has been a place where people from around the globe can come to learn & share information in a friendly environment. Members have started albums & shared their work & it has been a great group for over 12 years.

I have watched over the last couple of years how the Yahoo groups have had a decline in interest & growth. Not just ours but most of them. Facebook groups have been gaining in popularity by leaps & bounds. It is because people can connect with people easier & share information almost immediately with Facebook. So, it's no surprise that Yahoo groups are becoming a thing of the past...sort of like a dinosaur. For a long time people have asked me to start the group in Facebook but I have avoided Facebook for years due to all the issues with privacy (or lack of).
Now that I have finally decided to join Facebook & even have a page for Sawdust Connection people have asked when I would move the group to Facebook. I will not close the Yahoo group (at least not yet) because people still enjoy posting but I have decided to add a group on Facebook with the same name that has also been used for this blog.
I look forward to having some of the members join us here & just 10 minutes after launching the group & sending out a notice the requests to join have already started coming in.
Look for my familiar signature logo seen on the Pyrography-Gourd-Art group on Yahoo, my website, the Sawdust Connection Facebook page & of course here.

Hey, if I can finally get on Facebook & start a group you need to come join me too!
Nedra Denison

Come on & join the on the link below to join!