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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Pyrography-Gourd-Art Group is now on Facebook

The Pyrography Gourd Art group that I started on Yahoo back in 2003 has grown to over 900 members. It has been a place where people from around the globe can come to learn & share information in a friendly environment. Members have started albums & shared their work & it has been a great group for over 12 years.

I have watched over the last couple of years how the Yahoo groups have had a decline in interest & growth. Not just ours but most of them. Facebook groups have been gaining in popularity by leaps & bounds. It is because people can connect with people easier & share information almost immediately with Facebook. So, it's no surprise that Yahoo groups are becoming a thing of the past...sort of like a dinosaur. For a long time people have asked me to start the group in Facebook but I have avoided Facebook for years due to all the issues with privacy (or lack of).
Now that I have finally decided to join Facebook & even have a page for Sawdust Connection people have asked when I would move the group to Facebook. I will not close the Yahoo group (at least not yet) because people still enjoy posting but I have decided to add a group on Facebook with the same name that has also been used for this blog.
I look forward to having some of the members join us here & just 10 minutes after launching the group & sending out a notice the requests to join have already started coming in.
Look for my familiar signature logo seen on the Pyrography-Gourd-Art group on Yahoo, my website, the Sawdust Connection Facebook page & of course here.

Hey, if I can finally get on Facebook & start a group you need to come join me too!
Nedra Denison

Come on & join the on the link below to join!

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