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Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Well, it's been over 12 years since Razertip has raised it's prices but I received notification yesterday that effective 1/1/16 there will be a price increase on these items:

Razertip pens, tips & cords ($1.00 each)
Razaire accessories (price will vary)

Burners will remain the same BUT if you purchase a burner that comes packed with pens/cords the price will be increased by the price of the pens & cords

NEW BURNER OPTIONS: I have been asked if I would stock some burners without pens or cords so people can customize what they order so I will be offering burners "a la carte". You pick out the burner & then order what you want. There will not be a price difference it just means you get to choose which pen(s) & cord(s) come with your burners. 
You will still be able to order them packed as they always have & the starter kits as they have been offered but now you can buy the burner packed to your specifications.

Over the last 15 years I have found that people like having the starter kits already picked out for them (& obviously other dealers have too so they have all been offering starter kits) BUT what I also discovered that some people prefer all HD cords with the Dual Output or a different pen with the burner (such as gourders, turners, carvers) so this will give you more flexibility. 

RAZERTIP NEWS: With the closing of Burnmaster & Nibsburner, Razertip has picked up Woodcraft as a new dealer. Cam has been very selective of new dealers he's accepting because he wants to ensure that the dealers they have are reflective of the way they do business. He has assured me that all their old dealers (that's us) should not feel threatened by Woodcraft as new dealers because we will continue to get orders in a timely manner, quality control & customer service will remain 1st rate & since Woodcraft never discounts anything they will not be competing with those of us who do offer discounts on all Razertip products.

Also...there is some very exciting news coming from Razertip in the spring. I can't spill the beans yet because the debut of the new product(s) are not sealed in stone yet but Cam & I chatted at great length yesterday & he told me all about them. VERY EXCITING for pyrographers. According to Cam these are years in the making & state of the art equipment. They will be available to select dealers for testing before release to the public & I can't wait to put them through their paces.

All I can say now is...don't ask because I can't tell but I assure you that there are some of you out there that are going to be VERY excited!

I assure you that when these products are available for sale to the general public I will be letting you all know.