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Friday, April 15, 2016

Nedra's New General Purpose Pyrography Pen Set

This is Nedra's Exclusive General Purpose Pyrography Pen Set.

The set is available in regular version & HD version (the Ball Stylus is in the HD version). This set is only available from me (until someone else decides to start selling one like it!

The tip styles in this set are the ones that I have been using & recommending for general pyrography since I started burning over 18 years ago. These are the same pens I used in all of my classes for over 10 years & I recommend in my books & tutorials for.

These tip styles are the most versatile tips & once you learn how to use them you will discover you might not need anything else. I use the HD5MP Bent Spear shader for about 95% of my work & most people find that once they learn how to use it they use it for just about everything & use the HD14SM Round-Heeled Knife & the #99.008 Ball Stylus fill in the gaps (available in standard of HD version).

If you already have a burner or you have a burner but don't have these tip styles, this is just what you need!

This set is great for those who already have a burner but don't have these tip styles or those who are ordering a burner & want to get this as a set instead of individually to save a little. You can order the Razertip "Power Supply Only" of your choice, the cord(s) of your choice, this set, something to keep your tips clean & you will be all set to get started.

Nedra's Piece Pen Set includes one each:
  • F99.008 Ball Stylus (or HD99.008 is available in the HD version of this set).
  • HD14SM Round-Heeled Knife
  • HD5MP Bent Spear Shader pens

You can find it on my website: 

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