Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle
Nedra's Award Winning Golden Eagle

Sunday, May 22, 2016


After MANY months I am just about finished posting all the feathers on
my website. Between moving from New Mexico & trying to get settled in & running the business it's been a challenge.

I had no idea how complex this project was going to be when I started & I also had no idea just how many feathers I had.

It's been a very tedious job of assigning ID#'s to identify each package of feathers, taking photos & then posting them on the website.

Tomorrow I have the last batch (about 7-8 packs) left to photograph & post to the website. These feathers are perfect for masks & a wide variety of crafts. All but a few feather clusters are exotic, natural (not dyed) feathers. The only feathers left to post on the website are "poofy" & mini feathers.

There are 6 pages of feathers. Please check them out: