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Saturday, March 4, 2017


In an attempt to lower prices for shipping to you I have added a small flat shipping rate charge on all burners.

Now, all the prices listed on my website for Razertip Burners (Power Supply) & Burner Packages
have the Shipping charge built into the price.

You are still getting the same discounted prices but instead of getting high shipping charges added onto the cost of the burners I have opted to use USPS shipping & now the price of the burners includes a small flat rate charge which is below the published USPS Priority shipping rate.

ORDERING ONLINE: There will be no added charge for shipping when you order a burner. All other items on the website (except for other items that have the shipping included in the price) shipping charges will be added based on the total of the other items ordered.

USING THE MAIL ORDER FORM: If you are using my mail order form do NOT add the price of the burners into the calculation when you use the shipping chart. Just add the total price for all items (other than the burners) & use the shipping rate based on the total of all the other items you might be purchasing.

The prices have all been updated as of today (3/4/17) & not retroactive to previous purchases.

Note that these new prices are for shipments going to addresses in the USA only. They are for USPS Priority Mail only. If you need expedited shipping you will need to click on that option when you check out. If you are charged more than the shipping & handling when the order is processed for shipment you will receive a refund of the excess. Note that if you are opting for expedited shipping the order will ship by FedEx instead of USPS.

NOTE: This change only applies to Razertip burners listed (that has a note that shipping is included) on my website & are shipped by me within the USA!

These new posted prices are for burners/burner packages (SK & SSD) listed on my website & shipped directly by me within the USA & are the only Razertip items that have the shipping charge included in the price.

These prices are not for any Razertip item that are: special orders, orders shipping outside the USA or any other order being drop shipped directly from Razertip. Items being drop shipped by Razertip will be billed manually as they have always been & you will be given a price for the products & the shipping/handling when I send you a quote for the order.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Special Offer

SPECIAL OFFER FOR A LIMITED TIME: Buy Any Burner OR Burner Package listed on my website AND any Starter Kit listed on my website in the same order & get your choice of 1 or all three of these books at 1/2 price: 

  • Pyrography Patterns
  • Lifelike Pyrography from Photographs 
  • The Art of Pyrography.

NOTE: These prices will only be honored with the purchase of a Burner/burner package AND starter kit IN THE SAME ORDER!

This special offer can be found on the Burner, kits & accessories page between the burners & starter kits (below the burners & just above the starter kits).

Razertip Burners, Kits & Accessories

The special offer on the my books was removed on March 1st.

In consideration of my future plans of retiring in the next 1-2 years I have decided to offer it again to start reducing the inventory. This offer is at the same prices but without the burner & starter kit purchase requirement.

The price has now been reduced on all 4 books & there is a flat shipping rate per book or set of all 4 books.

This offer is only available to orders shipping in the USA & while
existing stock lasts. If you are outside the USA you may contact
Razertip Industries who is now a distributor for my books.