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Golden Eagle
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Saturday, March 4, 2017


In an attempt to lower prices for shipping to you I have opted to try to ship burners via USPS Priority Mail whenever possible. In some cases I will still use FedEx.

I tried to price the burners to include shipping but it became very confusing to customers when they ordered other items along with a burner so I have adjusted the shipping chart within PayPal for order totals at the higher end. As always I will make an adjustment & issue a refund if you were charged more than my costs.

I truly wish I could reduce shipping costs more but I don't have control over the cost to process orders & carriers keep increasing their prices. If I sold everything at full retail price I could afford to chop the shipping & handling prices but I can't do both. 

So, now the prices on the burners have been dropped & the shipping will be calculated as it always has...based on the total amount of your order.

The prices have all been updated as of today (5/29/17) & not retroactive to previous purchases.

Note that when you select the "regular" shipping option for an address within the Continental USA it will ship via USPS Priority Mail or FedEx Ground only. If you need expedited shipping you will need to click on one of those options when you check out. If you are charged more than my costs when the order is processed you will receive a refund of the excess. Note that if you are opting for expedited shipping the order will ship by FedEx Express instead of USPS.

If you are ordering Razertip items directly on the website (ie: the Carving & Woodturning Kits) the shipping charge has a flat shipping charge that is added upon checkout. If you are ordering other items PayPal will calculate the shipping charges for all the other items & add it on to the flat shipping fee for the kits. If the other items you ordered are not Razertip brands your order will ship in 2 separate packages.