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The Best Carrying Case For Your Burner, Pens, etc!

What Is The Best Carrying case for your Pyrography tools?

For years people have been asking me if I sell a carrying case to hold the burner & all the
accessories. I don't sell any & never will but I will give away my trade secret....the very best case I have ever found & have used for over 18 years is a cosmetic train case. I also call it my CSI case because it's the same case that it used in the show CSI.

I bought mine at JC Penney many years ago during the holiday season when they have all kinds of goodies like this. It came fully packed with cosmetics that I gave away. Keep in mind that this case is more than 18 years old & has been to a lot of classes & shows but it has withstood a lot of abuse. This one is aluminum but they are available in a variety of materials.

My burner, all my pens, cleaning tools, etc. all fit inside. Now you are going to say..."but
you only recommend 3 pens, so why do you carry so many in your case"? The answer is shows people want to see a pen that will accomplish a certain task & I have to show them what it can do. The same goes for my classes. I want people to see a variety of pens & let them see what they are capable of doing. It doesn't mean I use them all & I don't but it was necessary to have them available.

So if you are looking for the best carrying case check out Walmart, JC Penney, or the cosmetic department in most department stores. I also suggest taking your burner with you so you can put it in the bottom to see if it fits.

Just as an FYI, my case measures: 12" long x 8 3/4" wide x 10" high. The bottom section inside (where I store my burner, strop, aluminum oxide & other items) measures 5" high. This may not work for every brand but it works perfectly for my Razertip. It will accommodate either the single or dual output burners & just about anything else you need to carry with you when you travel, attend classes, etc.

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