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Welcome To My New Blog

Let me tell you why I decided to start a blog after all these years!
I’ve always wanted to have an outlet to talk about my art, how I do it and help people learn. Since I am no longer teaching this seemed to be a way for me to continue teaching in a different venue. While Tina of Any Expression Web Designs was working on the my new website she kept talking about a blog and how it would be a great thing for me to do. My first thought was “oh gosh one more thing to learn”. Well, I've overcome my fear of working on my website and it has been up for some time. The blog was originally done on WordPress which I found most annoying so when a friend introduced me to Google's Blogger I tried it out for a persona blog & really liked it so I have migrated the old blog here with some updates on the tutorials.
There’s a variety of things I want to do here but first what I am hoping to do is provide tips and techniques for newbies and others looking to improve on what they are already doing. So, as time permits I will add posts with helpful information on pyrography and gourd art. I will also do some step by step mini tutorials here on simple projects.
I will also try to maintain a list of events such as art shows, pyrography shows and gourd festivals. I will not be listing any craft shows. I will also invite people to post any they are aware of. What would be helpful to others is dates of the show, location, type of show (ie: art or gourd), contact information (ie: website, phone number or email address). Please do not submit any craft shows.
One other area that I will posting about is new or discontinued products on my website. It will be easier for me to post that information here than to bombard you all with emails. I will be linking this blog on my website so you should be able to find it easily.
I also invite you all to join my Pyrography Gourd Art group on Yahoo. This is a pyrography group but of course open to gourd artists wanting to learn more about pyrography. This is a fun group but I do try to keep it focused rather than wandering off into so many different unrelated directions. People in the group are friendly and have all come for the same reason…the love of pyrography, the art of fire drawing.
So welcome to my new blog and I hope you enjoy it!
Nedra Denison

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