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Golden Eagle
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Razertip Carving & Woodturning Starter Kits - These are kits that are put
together by Razertip. I do not stock these but I am making them available on my website. They will drop ship directly from the Razertip factory but you will get them at my discounted prices. Each of these starter kits come packed with either a Single Output or Dual Output Burner. These can be found on the website on the page with burners, kits & accessories. 

Razertip Pyrography System Kits & Accessories

Cotton Round Pads

2 1/4 inch ~ 100/Pack

These pads are lint-free & won't leave any fibers on the surface. The pads can be used to apply many things such as alcohol inks, Nedra's Special formula, waxes, other medium & sealers, etc.

I did some testing with these before I made the decision to order them. I was pleased with the results. I tested how they worked on a gourd. I applied dye inks, acrylic ink & acrylic paint & the pads flowed smoothly without leaving any fibers. I really liked how they performed. They cover large areas a lot faster than brushes & other applicators.

They are fantastic for covering large areas fast. I think you will enjoy using them.

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